The Jack patchbay and connection window

This is a source of some confusion especially when combined with Pd’s multiple virtual ports. The best way of approaching this is to use the patchbay as a trigger for the connection window to update. set up the patchbay correctly activate it and the connection window will update. The patchbay does not connect and disconnect devices and channels it triggers the connection window to do so. In the Primo Pd

Midi set up for Ardour

Updated schematic and notes Ardour set up on Mac 4 (Flashing single amber on Midi interface seems to mean it’s not going to work) Core audio set up should show core midi Blue means active – here USB port 1 is taking an input This is critical to send midi out to the interface – it is accessed by clicking on the synth name in the mixer and selecting outputs

Tidying the monitor mixer

Update on the information below It may be best to delete the monitoring stage all together as monitoring is possible via headphones using the UMC 40 interface. The complete stream is also sent via the UMC 4040 to my Mackie Audio interface the routing using Jack, the UMD 404 and the hardware monitor mixer is also an awful mess. To cut a long story short to hear a realistic mix

Tidying – PD

I have spent some time tidying PD – this has involved removing the number of different notein objects and consolidating then into just one with a select object to filter for the appropriate midi note numbers. the relatively random allocation of midi note numbers to trigger different functions – (eg midi not number 9 will play the kiosk audio using qlist) had be flummoxed for a while but it seems

Toward Resurrection

I am working on the Easter broadcast. I have a proposed strategy for the production of the audio files to produce the musical equivalent of the range of voices already being exploited in the installation live or recorded singing by me – very rare or never Live or recorded singing by me processed by the TC Helicon vocal processor – i like the cheesy results recorded musical extracts – already

installing everything afresh

update May 24 did not go too well abandoned upgrade to ubu 24 after disk failure went back to ubu 20 with Asterisk 18 followed the instructions contained in this document (for the most part) with these more up to date ones seemed to hit problems related to user groups and settings The edits below -cause problems – so i have revised them in the instructions sudo gedit /etc/default/asterisk