History and stories

There are several stories playing out in The Red Telephone Box that talks a bit like me. The first one is about my interest in acting and performing and whether a computer generated voice can ever be a decent actor. The second are a series of personal stories many of them related to family or childhood, some true, some embellishments of the truth and some just made up. The third

Malcom McClaren and other melodramas from pop

McClaren did a song based on Madame Butterfly – it has a melodrama treatment – also Diana Ross – Ain’t no mountain high enough has a melodrama section. Be more overt with the notion of a test facility open in the summer accessible by opening the door. Build a sign to put inside the box that invites people to test the facility. As part of the test invite the user

Short story writing

Well how interesting your response is. It really makes me think. Thanks! I think you might be trying too hard to decode significant meaning in what are absurd narratives. I agree there is some autobiographical content but it’s not important. What is important is a sense of the absurd. Both protagonists live in worlds where conventional wisdom has no place. In TIN, to be constrained to speaking only one word