Midi inflecting audio with TC Helicon

The Tc helicon is connected as the penultimate component on the midi chain before the tone generator MU 10 and after the MAUDIO interface and XG editor The MU10 takes an input from the TC helicon midi through Make sure the Tc Helicon midi receive channel (see editing screens on TC helicon below) is the same as the midi output channel from the Ardour midi track. From the midi track

Hardware and Software configuration for recording and editing audio and midi

Mac 5: Editing and Cerevoice capture- Adobe Audition on Mac 5 can be used for digesting all the outputs from the Mackie mixer for final edit. In addition it can receive direct input from the K6 system. It can also be used to capture CerevoiceChris from Word to Audacity. Mac 4: Midi sequencing (exclusive digital connectivity to Mackie) – Mac 4 uses Ardour for midi connectivity to the midi chain

connect OBS to zoom

Set sound device to multi output In obs – desktop audio set to blackhole 2 ch Then go to advance audio features – cog on audio mixer channel Set desktop audio device to monitor and output Set any other audio devices to monitor and output Obs preferences set monitoring device to Blackhole Start virtual camera In zoom set Obs black hole as microphone In zoom turn on original sound In