I am working on the Easter broadcast. I have a proposed strategy for the production of the audio files to produce the musical equivalent of the range of voices already being exploited in the installation

  1. live or recorded singing by me – very rare or never
  2. Live or recorded singing by me processed by the TC Helicon vocal processor – i like the cheesy results
  3. recorded musical extracts – already tried and tested but does bother me a bit there is something cheap about sticking in tunes – also issues about the rights – i think they sound better if they are ‘vintaged.’
  4. midi versions of songs and classics – i rather like this its quite kitschy and eliminates the rights issues
  5. midi versions of songs subsequently processed with the Yamaha XG editor – interesting detuning type results – needs to pass through a slightly complex arrangement of old hardware and software
  6. audio to midi converted versions of songs and classics – this is very interesting as it creates a very flawed clone – i can use Melodyne audio to midi (in Pro Tools) to do it polyphonically or digital ear (old windows software) monophonically
  7. and of course any old mixture of the above.

proposed palette

  • me speaking live (Christopher)
  • me speaking recorded (Chris)
  • me speaking recorded shadowed by midi derived from audio to midi (Chris + midi)
  • me recoded singing + TC helicon (Chris +Helicon)
  • Cereproc voice (Kit)
  • vintaged recordings of music (Music + distressed)
  • midi versions of music (Music + midi)
  • xg midi versions of music (Music + XG)
  • audio to midi versions of music (Music + Melodyne)

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