The Tc helicon is connected as the penultimate component on the midi chain before the tone generator MU 10 and after the MAUDIO interface and XG editor

The MU10 takes an input from the TC helicon midi through

Make sure the Tc Helicon midi receive channel (see editing screens on TC helicon below) is the same as the midi output channel from the Ardour midi track.

From the midi track used to inflect the audio strip out all program commands and other extraneous MIDI instruction using a list editor MidKit

The audio track to be inflected will be sent from Ardour to channel 15/16 on the Mackie

Channel 15 must be muted and sent to Alt ¾

TC Helicon Audio in must be connected to alt ¾

TC Helicon Audio out can be sent to any channel on the Mackie

MU 10 can be sent to any channel on the Mackie

The MU 10 will continue to respond to all midi commands

The TC Helicon will only respond to note on/off and ignore commands from the Phat boy or XG editor unless adjustments as shown in the TC Helicon manual are done – these appear not to make a difference as it is set to respond to CC messages – not sure whether CC messages are sent form the XG editor.

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