I have been on leave which has provided a good amount of extra playtime. I have given up with app_jack – i believe it would probably provide the best way of accessing the telephone transmitter and receiver but i just cannot figure it – it may be one for future development. The tts_callback modifications that give the cue points to asterisk appear to work well and can be used to trigger playback or recordings. I have a usb via cat 5 connection to the phone box that sporadically gives an arduino IDE connection (unreliable in both XP and Linux) – i think this is an arduino IDE problem – it can provide a usb camera feed which could be used with GEM (future development if required). I reinstalled Ubuntu Asterisk and everything else and by ensuring that it runs as user Chris I believe i have solved the problem with the PIR detector ringer. Had a silly problem with Python – basically a typo in one of the scripts that eluded me. I think the solution to the dramatic script is in sight. done some work on triggering user recordings form the kiosk mic that sound fine – anything down the telephone is dreadful. i belive the underfloor sensor will work better – not a bad couple of weeks

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