asterisk -rx 'originate SIP/PRIMO extension 300@K6_PRIMO'

Followed a blind alley thought the problem with triggering a ring was a context issue in the dialplan with the sip and context both having the same name “PRIMO” – changed the context to K6_PRIMO – no difference.

Then i thought i had solved this when i discovered that for some reason the telephone i was using would not ring when connected to one of the two ATA’s – strangely it worked on the old one but not the one dedicated to the PRIMO version of the system. Changed to the working phone.

Later on: still got problems with this – it may have something to do with the mode that Asterisk is running in – in the working version Asterisk runs as if on a remote terminal -r, however on the primo version it runs in console mode -c. – the solution may be to adjust the permissions so i did this

“Just change the Asterisk Permision in the asterisk.conf”

;astctlpermissions = 0660
astctlpermissions = 7777
astctlowner = root
astctlgroup = apache
astctl = asterisk.ctl

and this meant for the first time ever i seem to be able to logon to a console and a remote console at the same time – this may solve several problems – we will see!

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