still struggling to get this to be logical. the two different versions for linux 46 and 50 have different paths to externals – some externals seem to require a path as part of the object others don’t – it may be that the two different versions are sharing a config file and that is confusing things – anyway the attached patch is work again now on the linux machine and app_jack has managed to locate the correct pd-channels – see notes below.

Pd version 50.2 – terminal pd


1- /home/chris/.local/lib/pd/extra – nilwind and zexy are installed here


2- path used by earlier version 46.7

/usr/lib/pd/extra – Gem, list-abs, pix_drum, pix_fiducialtrack, pix_mano

ACTION – consolidated to 1 – NOT RESOLVED

rewritten testringmido script to point to correct sip PRIMO

python /home/chris/Dropbox/K6_primo/scripts/

entry to extensions.conf added

; to respond to PIR trigger from ringmido => ringbash

exten => 300,1,Answer()

RESOLVED – resolved only operational with specific phone type – most bizarre

issue with app_jack unable to recognise latest version of PD Ports
PD Ports ver 46.7 names pd ports pure_data_0 – whereas ver 50.2 names them pure_data

version 50
version 46

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