Given the persuasiveness of the box itself (often referred to as an iconic architectural object representing Britishness) a sensible objective is to provide a setting in which the telephone box itself is displayed to full advantage and thus provides a credibly realistic as well as atmospheric experience. Happily, it is set in a relatively remote place, in some respects a likely location for a phone box, outside my house on the side of a quiet no through road with five adjacent houses. Given its remoteness most users will probably stumble upon the installation when out walking as cars are rare.

This is a walk-up installation in which the user is encourage to participate by the ringing of the telephone bell as they pass the box. If this feature is not switched on (which it frequently isn’t) the user can choose to enter the box voluntarily and lift the receiver. Written instructions are provided to direct the user to dial zero for the operator and on so doing they are given spoken instructions about the basic operation of the telephone. Many younger users are unfamiliar with dial techniques and the need to proceed slowly and patiently. This has proved to be a persistent problem particularly as children tend to be the predominant users.

For older users there are probably nostalgic associations with this type of telephone box. I have speculated that for some, despite it not being a blue police box, there could be an association with Dr Who and time travel which could also be useful. Some of the first scenarios I developed played on these qualities.

The box is for kissing, for emergencies, for good news, for bad news, for smoking, for pissing, for sheltering, for waiting.

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