It is a 1937 red telephone box known as kiosk no. 6 (K6) designed by Giles Gilbert Scott (Coltman, 2018) located in a quite North Yorkshire hamlet near the river Fleet. It was purchased from Ebay and restored by me. The telephone, model number 232 (, 2018) looks and behaves like a normal telephone of the 1930’s, it can ring, it has a dial, it has a dialing tone etc. Both the telephone and the box are iconic examples of industrial design much celebrated by the heritage community and in the case of the red telephone box, by the British tourist industry. I cannot deny the fact that these qualities acted as a draw for me. Tangible industrial objects, engineered to last, using materials like brass and Bakelite lend themselves to reimagining in the way that many modern similar artefacts do not. Items such as these have given rise to Steampunk and the current vogue for decorative objects upcycled from vintage industrial detritus. Like any stage, the theatre in which it is situated, the world it inhabits beyond the proscenium arch is part of the experience.  In this case the telephone box is both stage and theatre.

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