Notes for the upgrade to UBU 20 in Jan 2022 as I remember them – details are in the asterisk reinstall afresh

Asterisk MOH relies on the icecast server running. The MOH config file will need updating for UBU 20

The two servers PRIMO and UBU20 use two different ports for the ice cast server- check that the various files that contain references to ports 8000 or 7000 are updated

Network – clashes occurred in NAT open ports with some open ports allocated to more than one IP – open ports for PRMO and UBU20 must not be duplicated

The right version of Python (2.7) must be installed a made default for any of the cereproc stuff to work. and Pip2

The second monitor resolutions had to be updated.

GISS TV appeared to need to simple reset of the interface to work

Could not figure how to install KX studio

QJackctl – refused to allow the connection of the UMC 404 midi ports – I am not sure why then it did

Mido was a nightmare until Pip 2 was installed

Sox had some deprecated options 

Jack memory lockdown problems resolved somehow

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